4D dentistry is driven by the idea that both static and dynamic parameters should be taken into account to enable complete diagnostics and bespoke restorations.

Modjaw Digital Academy Trainings are designed for Dentists, Orthodontists and Dental Technicians willing to reinvent their practice and shape a new eco-system by integrating Modjaw Tech in Motion® in their digital workflow.

4D Dentistry & Hand’s on Training Sessions


Understand how jaw motion and dynamic occlusion will transform your daily treatments. Live Demo & Clinical Case sharing.


Immerse yourself in Tech in Motion®, make your own records and learn how to take full advantage of the software for prosthetic works.


  • • Introduction to 4D Dentistry
  • • Clinical cases with 4D Data integration
  • • Live session with full digital workflow
  • • Demo & Training on Tech in Motion
  • • Individual Try Out session
  • • Discovery of MODJAW software functionalities, exports &analysis
  • • Business Model for the clinic

Upcoming courses

More dates to come soon, contact us to receive the updates and follow our news on social media

> 4D Discovery Day

  • 4 November 2021 / Montpellier (France) ** / Optional Hand's on 5 November


  • 8-9 November 2021 / San Sebastian, Spain

    MODJAW Mentor - Dr Domingo Martin, Dr Alberto Canabez
  • 2-3 December 2021 / Amsterdam

  • 2-3-4 December 2021 / Timisoara, Romania

    MODJAW MENTORS - Dr Florin cofar, dr maxime jaisson
  • 5 February 2022 / Manchester, UK

    MODJAW MENTORS - Dr Riaz Yar


All sessions are in English. Except ** in french
Group of 15+ dentists eager to have a tailored day about 4D dentistry and TECH in MOTION ? Get in touch!

This training is for you if:

  • You are into digital technologies or want to be
  • You want to discover the full digital workflow & dynamic occlusion
  • You strive for more efficiency within protocols
  • You are eager to learn more about MODJAW
  • You are a MODJAW Tech in Motion customer
  • You are about to acquire one

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Modjaw Digital Academy

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