MODJAW’s technology offers a unique experience to you and your patients: efficiency, comfort and advanced interactions. Thanks to impressive 4D visuals, your patients will be able to visualise their mastication and understand the treatment that is needed. Communication at its finest!

MODJAW Tech in Motion

All in one M-JEE® Cart

With a compact design, specially adapted for use in dental clinics, M-Jee cart can be easily installed alongside the chair. Its articulated arm helps position MODJAW’s high-end, real-time optical camera in front of the patient. A 21-inch touch screen PC allows the patient to watch LIVE the jaw motion while the dentist is working. After use, its articulated arm is lowered and the screen is rotated to optimise space.


21 inch Panel PC with touch screen for an optimum visual rendering on the 4D models


High-end, real-time optical camera device

amazing Benefits

The power of MODJAW Tech in Motion lies in the advanced occlusal analysis : quick, simple and not invasive, with the utmost respect for the health of the patient


top diagnostics

Enhance your diagnostic skills and boost your confidence with advanced information on your patients.

Just a few minutes needed

Save time thanks to the power of a virtual articulator, a digital facebow and an axiograph, all-in-one, in just a few minutes, replacing delays of mechanical equipment with digital efficiency.

Manage Projects

Improve the quality of prosthetic work by providing detailed data and models with unmatched accuracy.

Real-Time Communication

Communicate like never before, with high involvement and more satisfaction from your patients.


Store all models, kinematics and diagnostics digitally.

Bringing the 4th dimension to the dental world

Maxime, a Dental Surgeon with a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering, paired tomodensitometric scans with industrial motion capture devices to model his jaw motion. Deciding to carry the research further, he shared these ideas with Antoine RODRIGUE, his cousin and an entrepreneur with experience in Finance. Together they founded MODJAW in 2013. 4 years of R&D later, the team is proud to present their prototype!

CEO and Co-founder

"Our innovation is the missing link in the digital workflow between the practitioner and the laboratory. It opens the way to a brand-new dentistry and a wealth of other innovations in the near future. Paired with other technologies, it will lead the way to formidable tools for prosthetic reconstructions and aesthetics management."

Chairman and Co-founder

"We are bringing an optimal digital solution that meets the needs of dental surgeons at the diagnostic and therapeutic stages. It is a real revolution that demystifies the management of occlusion so simply, making it accessible to an entire profession, while replacing a mechanical approach with the precision and comfort of digital technologies”

Le numérique au service de la chaine prothétique dentaire