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Time to change dentistry


MODJAW®️ est à la recherche permanente de nouveaux talents désireux de rejoindre une entreprise innovante et dynamique évoluant dans un environnement international.

Vos témoignages

Dr Siavikis Georgios
Expert in Implantology Dental Implant Ioannina

“MODJAW was the missing piece from my digital clinic. Being full digital with MODJAW allows me to save time, being more predictable in restoring smiles and having more happy patients”.

Dr Gucciardi Jonathan
Dentist – France

“Exceptional experience, I feel like I've regained my sight... It's such a rich and important tool. To be integrated as soon as possible!”

Dr Domingo Martin
Clínica Martín Goenaga - Spain

“MODJAW is without any doubt a game changer. As an orthodontist MODJAW has made a huge difference.

Dr Jean-David Boschatel
Dentist in Bouc-Bel-Air – France

“MODJAW was the missing link in the digital flow at the firm. It allowed us to save time and precision on our treatments!”

Dr Alberto Canabez
Orthodontist Clínicas Den– Spain

“Easy to use, highest precision in diagnosis, always works well, fast and easy procedure.”

Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny
Director of the Institute of Digital Dentistry Dentist
New Zealand

“MODJAW is mind blowing. This is the true future of dentistry. The applications of it are endless. Yes, there is a learning like most new tech, but once you get a hang of it, it’s very efficient. Patients are amazed by this technology and seeing the jaw movements live.”

Dr Henriette Lerner
Specialist in oral surgery Dentist

“It’s working bombastic ! All cases done since almost 1 year in this integration with big success !”

Dr Dobrescu Antonia
Dentist in Montmirail– France

“Whether complex full mouth reconstruction or just little bridge, we are able to deliver a fully functional prosthetic device.”

Dr Ewan Bramley
Dentist - UK

“Excellent piece of kit. Has totally revolutionized the way I work.”

Neal Demazure
Imagine - USA

“MODJAW is arguably the most exciting and game-changing technology we work with here at Imagine – the last piece of the puzzle in creating the fully digitized patient!”

Dr Francesco Mangano
DDS – Italy

“Super MODJAW! A very important system for digital dentistry. The way to individual virtual articulator!”

Dr Meyer Jean
Dentist in Marseille – France

“I am a new MODJAW user, and I am just in a learning period and just observe what I see with my experience in occlusion . I can see things I knew and have never seen in motion.”

Dr Marc Brouquet
Dentist in Rochefort - France

“An excellent means of communication with the patient, it increases the adherence of the patient to the treatment.”

Dr Rousseau
Dentist – France

“Occlusion is no longer an abstract concept but becomes totally real thanks to the immediate analysis allowed by MODJAW.”

Dr Romain Doliveux
Dentist in Mulhouse - France

“The occlusal function is finally at the heart of the initial project.”

David Maillot
Dental Technician

“Functional recording of the patient replaces all analog recordings, time saving precision and reproducibility of work, improvement of lab/clinic communication.”

Dr Marta Revilla Leon

“It is a great system, and it has many applications for prosthodontic treatment.”

Dr Josef Kunkela
Dentist - Czech Republic

“I have diagnosed a few patients with MODJAW, and everything works smoothly, and I am very satisfied.”

Dr Seth Atkins

“With MODJAW, you can show the patient what was before complicated to do, it helps them to participate and accept the treatment.”

Dr Miguel Stanley
Dentist - Portugal

““An indispensable tool in modern and digital dentistry, ”

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